For Sale

Heremans & Cuesters

 $500 each. $1000 each. $1400 each

 Dirk Van Den Bulcks  $600 each.

Koopmans $400 each.

Gaby Vandenabeele

 $450 each.


Pedavoli Gaby Vandenabeele hen youngsters     are $1000 each.

Vandyk $600 each.


$400 each.


$400 each.

For Sale

Houbens $400 each.

Staff Van Reets $450 each.

Appelby/Maclean Blacks $450 each.

Graham Davisons best birds $450 each limited pedigrees.

For Sale

Janssen/Vanloon  $400 each.

QLD Sprinters $400 each.

 Best Long Distance Birds 800 + klm $400 each which include -




    Pack of 3 syringes ready for injection $90        plus postage.

          Fertility injections 

New fertilty vitamin combination for old champion stock cocks just inject 1 syringe into breast muscle and then put him in the breeding box with his hen.I have used this product over the past 2 years with great success and have recently shared these injections with 3 other top fanciers who have also had good results on old cock birds.I have also tried it on old hens with some limited success.Im sure many of us over the years have thought if only i could get a few more youngsters out of my old prized cock bird it would secure his bloodline for many years to come and this is sometimes priceless.

Disclaimer  No product guarantee can be given sometimes pigeons are just to old and are no longer able to breed.Keep product in fridge until use.

Race Teams

We will breed crossed youngsters from all of our top stock pigeons these will be mostly middle distance birds with some sprint or long distance possibly added apon request. There will be" NO" pedigrees supplied with our race teams unless proven raceresults are provided for an individual pigeon.

Race Teams $1400 for 8 birds.

Taking orders now for the 2024 race season.

30% part payment is required to lock in your order.

6 teams only will be available for 2022 don't miss out

we have recently purchased 20 extra professional individual breeding pens to cover any extra breeding orders.

nest birds

2017 Youngsters 3rd round.

Youngsters ready for sale.


Supply of Squeakers to you for FREE

All Race fees paid by you

Birds returned to Hudson Lofts after season ends

Hudson lofts will take 20% of any prize money our birds win

Youngsters will be hand picked from the best breeding pairs that perform well in this 600 + km race

Don't miss the chance to share in over $200,000 Prize Money!

We are also a major sponsor and the supplier of all GC 50,000 one loft race spare pigeons.We supply a handful of birds each year to cover any losses that may occure due to attacks from birds of prey or other wise after the loft closure date.The loft spares are part of the GC 50,000 business model and the general time factor and costs involved is all donated by Hudson Lofts to help Steve keep this race available for everyone to have a shot.The number of birds supplied as loftspares each year does fluctuate as we do also have a number of top fanciers that request birds to race each year.All GC 50,000 loft spares are of outstanding quality and the bloodlines used have won some fantastic prize money for punters over the years now easily above $100,000.

GC 50000

Race birds in my old loft.

Black Family Youngsters

Grandchildren of Black Magic, my No. 1 stock Cock

Price $450 each

These Blacks are outstanding pigeons especially when crossed to my Gaby Vandenabeeles.

There will be a non refundable 30% part payment needed to secure each order of pigeons this is strictly non refundable thankyou we do not give any refunds period.Birds can be replaced not refunded So please no tyre kickers or time wasters so if you are not a serious buyer do not bother contacting me.Any birds that do not fit my selection criteria will not be shipped and will be swapped for similar or Better Quality/type without notice.

Please note when purchasing youngsters it can be very difficult to tell sexes apart sometimes with some bloodlines so we cant guarantee the sex 100% of the time but we do have a very good strike rate to date so please keep this in mind.

Black Youngsters

For all enquiries on these birds plus many more for sale,

phone Jason Hudson on 0412 797 640