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     2022 Top Fed and OLR results for Hudson Lofts Pigeons          Many more results yet to come for 2022 i just need to         upload them when i get time. 

2022  Top results for Hudson Lofts 34 youngster Race team provided for S Zander/Quah with only 34 birds in this team has taken out 2nd overall in the NRC Fed point score from 42 members. Fantastic effort for such a very small team of youngsters to complete the season on such a high. These 34 youngsters were just left overs from the teams sent out to my clients in 2022. Good pigeons with good health makes all the difference.

7/8/22  GC 50,000 OLR Race 4-326km Hudson Lofts bred 1st place Cyclone Kate Ojay, 10th Marina, 15th Riley-Marie, 30th Shel be right, 41st Yellow, 46th Emerald, 48th Mach 2, 50th Legs 11,

  30/7/22  Hudson Lofts Bred 5th Fed Central Cumberland Fed CCF 20-166 bb hen for Sam Sultana and son Luke from Coffs Harbour 440km Vel 1205mpm 3255 birds probably best bird on the day or close to. 

Also 30/7/22  1st Fed North Road Combine CCF 21-294 from Woolgoolga 255km Vel 1890mpm 647 birds Bred by Hud Lofts raced by Zander.                                                           25/6/22 Hudson Lofts Breeds 1st Fed North Road Combine QLD Ausn 21 5085 from 123km for W Pangbourne Vel 1363mpm.                                                                                        25/7/22 Also 2nd Fed NRC QLD Ausn 21 5037 from 118km  bred for S Zander Vel 1363mpm beaten by 1 second.                  17/6/22 Hud Lofts breeds 38th Fed CCF Sydney CCF 20 161 for Luke Sultana vel 1105 with 4498 birds liberated.                    9/7/22 Hud Lofts bred 1st Fed NRC QLD Ausn 21 5238 from 118km for S Zander with 6 Hudson birds landing together.    26/6/22 GC 50,000 One Loft Race No Race spares were provided in 2022.Results for race 1 from 115km Hudson Lofts breeds 7th Place 8th, 14th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 24th, 29th, 31st, 39th, 44th, 45th, 47th, 49th.                                                      10/7/22 GC 50,000 One Loft Race 2 from 177km Hudson Lofts breeds 1st Place T.N.P Sandy, 2nd Hudson Lofts Silver Bullet, 5th Three Amigos My Face, 11th R Stukel Bob 11, 18th, 24th, 32nd, 42nd, 46th with 5 birds landing with winner.

                                                                                                       15/8/21 News Flash Gold Coast 50,000 2021 Final Race Hudson Lofts breeds 1st place Honey Bee provided in a race team and also 2nd place Ellerslie landing together from Rockhampton 561 km velocity 1136 mpm winning $77,000 in total and also 1st Fed North Road Combine for Dave Horne bred from Hudson Lofts breeding stock sold to Dave and all taking place on the same day with all birds released together from Rockhampton.All 3 birds were clear winners on the day punching into head winds for most of the journey.Pics of the winners are coming soon.

18/9/21 Hudson Lofts breeds Ausn 19 9966 bb hen 2nd Fed/Combine St Lawrence 714 km vel 1334 mpm fly time 8 hours 55 mins on the wing 36 minutes in front of the next NRC pigeon & 2nd best velocity on the day in both NRC & QRPF Feds with mass birds released together.                              11/9/21 Hudson Lofts bird sire of LCPC 18 1070 Black Hen 2nd Fed/Combine NRC QLD 844 km vel 923 mpm for S Zander.             

21/8/21 Hudson Lofts breeds Ausn 20 2094 bb hen 6th Fed 3rd sec YB Derby 465 km vel 1335 mpm for I Ketchel QRPF QLD 1262 birds.                                                                                    Also 21/8/21 Ausn 18 7228 BB hen 3rd Combine 561 km Emu Park NRC QLD Vel 1229 mpm for S Zander.

Ian Ketchel has clocked or equaly clocked Hudson lofts race birds in the first series 8 races from 167 km to 600 km,Including 2nd sec 17th Fed,1st sec 14th Fed,1st sec 9th Fed,3rd sec 15th Fed,2nd sec 5th Fed,5th sec 23rd Fed the QRPF has 99 members & 30 SE section members.Hudson lofts birds are being clocked in just about every loft they end up going to in Australia with the results coming in weekly.Thanks for all the feedback fellas it is greatly appreciated.Some top results i am unable to publish due to some fanciers prefered privacy.I will keep working hard on breeding better quality pigeons every year for everyone who supports our breeding lofts.Im doing all i can to improve our breeding stock each year.                                                           

2021 Gold Coast 50,000 Oneloft Race Results for our birds      Race 1  117 km = 1st place Black Betty,2nd place Hudson Lofts Belgium Baby,3rd place Catch that pigeon,6th place Huckle Berry Finn supplied in a race team.                                                Race 2  178 km = 1st place Kessel Run supplied in a race team,2nd place Purple Rain,3rd place Diamond,5th place Elf Lord supplied in a race team,7th place Raki supplied in a race team,10th place Black night.                                                      10/7/21 Race 3  243 km = 2nd place Hudson Lofts Messiah,3rd place Huckleberry Finn supplied in a race team,6th place Uncle Sam down off Hudson Lofts birds,10th place Ging Gong,11th place Black Night,12th place Diamond,20th Elf Lord all landed with the winner                     24/7/21 Race 4  344 km =7th place Cyclone supplied in a race team,22nd Black Betty,30th Nerang supplied in a race team,32nd Cabbage,39th Tweetie all landing with the winner bred by Hudson Lofts.                                                                        9/8/21 Hudson Lofts breeds 8th Fed 4th sec 412 km Ausn 20 2342 QRPF QLD for Jubb Loft against 1786 birds velocity 987 mpm great result in a tough race.

Also on 10/7/21 Hudson Lofts bred Ausn 20 2370 3rd fed 256 km QRPF  QLD for Jubb Loft against 2070 birds and Ausn 19 9638 2nd Combine 332 km North Road Combine for Zander/Shin with the first 5 birds home all Hudson Lofts race birds against 592 birds.                                 

17/7/21 Hudson Lofts Breeds Ausn 20 2342 bbwf hen 2nd sec 4th fed 325km QRPF QLD for Jubb Loft 1 min 4 sec behind winner against 2183 birds.                                                                  17/7/21 Hudson Lofts breeds Ausn 19 9638 bbh 2nd sec 4th combine NRC QLD for S Zander the first 3 birds home were Hud Lofts against 721 birds.

                     2020 Gold Coast 50,000 Oneloft Race 

      Race 4 Final Feature Race Marmor 527 klm 14/9/20

4th place Bling bred down from Hudson Lofts          Hereman/Ceusters bloodline & was also 1st Ace Pigeon 2020 for Dave Winkler,10th place Bob Stukel 1, 17th place Solo,19th place Shazza for Alan Whitaker bred in a race team.All bred down from Hudson Lofts breeding stock so lets hope for much better results in the Final race next year and get birds on the day of the race with so many of our expensive oneloft birds bred specifically for on the day racing.

                      Race 3 Hervey Bay 285 klm 23/8/20

1st Place India winning $6100 approx for Alan Whitaker supplied in a race team Alan was unable to breed his own birds this year and opted for a team from Hudson Lofts.6th place Perikles 44,7th place Xena,11th place Blue Boy supplied for Magic Millions Syndicate all bred from Hudson Lofts breeding stock.

2020 Gold Coast 50,000 Oneloft race

                      Race 1 Peregian Beach 150 klm 2/8/20 

2nd place Substitute Moment vel 915mpm,6th place Reeds supplied in a race team vel 861mpm,8th place Satiev 22 vel 577mpm,9th place Sweet-Cheeks supplied in a race team vel 532mpm all bred from Hudson Lofts Breeding Stock on a very unexplained tough day for the birds.Also on 1/8/20 AUSN 19-9614 bb hen Equal 1st Combine landing with the winner 183 klm vel 1634mpm for S Zander North Road Combine QLD.

News Flash

Hudson Lofts breeds Ausn 17-5753 BB hen Bird of the year 2019 Queensland Racing Pigeon Federation in an extremely tough race season on the North Western line she is the number 1 best bird overall in QLD 2019.

Gold Coast 50,000 Final Feature Race 22/9/19-530 klm

   3rd place Bill & Joe Hawa the 64, 8th place John Commons          Vercace Blue, 12th place Huxley family Check Mate All                       bred from Hudson Lofts Breeding Stock.

     Hudson Lofts birds Winning $30,000 approx over the                                        2019 GC 50,000 oneloft Race season.

Gold Coast 50,000 One loft race 1/9/19 Race 3-326 klm 

     2nd Place Grey Shadow,3rd place Little Boy Blue bred            from a Hudson Lofts bird,  11th place Hank Merbis Spot   on,26th place Zepplin Hudson Lofts,32nd place Mims Todd       Pasfield,34th place "Rob" Bob Stukel all of these Hudson Lofts birds landed with the winner Fantastic Fathers Day for                       us out of 745 entries Velocity 1573mpm.

Gold Coast 50,000 One Loft Race 18/8/19 Race 2 -250 klm 

   1st place Grey Shadow, 2nd place Wrinkles, 6th place Nev     Pearce Charity bird all bred from Hudson Lofts Stock birds      winning $7058 in total prize money against 800 + birds.

2018 Top Fed Results for Hudson Lofts Race birds.

22/9/18 - 6th fed St Lawrence 714 klm QRPF for S Zander/Shin AUSN 17-5827 bch hen clocked in the dark with a flying time of 11 hours and 48 minutes in the air and a velocity of 1008 mpm with steve being the longest marker in the fed.This hen travelled over many lofts including the fed winners loft Rod Hatherly and Rod saw this hen continue South after his winner had landed.On her own she still had another 21 painfull klms to travel in very poor light eventually being clocked in darkness.Being bred from my Appleby/Maclean blacks family reminds me why I think that these pigeons are still some of the best and most cosistant birds at the National distances.

16/9/18 - Gold Coast 50,000 One Loft Final Feature race 680 km 2018 3rd place Foxtrot 2 winning $10,000 approx bred by Hudson Lofts we had 4 birds in the top 30 pigeons arriving home with 15th place Gray Caviar and loft spare 18th place Anna 2 for Wayne Devine who started the race season with his own 54 birds entered with our Anna 2 first to arrive for his team.

8/9/18 - 9th fed Marlborough 629 km against 1393 birds for Zander/Quah AUSN 17-5714 and nest mate 5713 was also clocked in for 31st fed on the same day.

8/9/18 - 16th fed Marlborough YB 5 bird National 629 km for Zander/Shin AUSN 17-5819 bch.

8/9/18 - 5th fed Marlborough 601 km QRPF against 1393 birds for Ken Jorgensen QPF 17-5492 is a grand daughter of a Hudson Lofts Gaby VB sold to Ken 2015.

1/9/18 - 4th fed Marlborough 601 km QRPF against 1310 birds for Ken Jorgensen AUST 16-13985 and 16th fed all age derby AUST 16-2519.

28/8/18 - GC 50,000 race 3 Scotts Head 325 km Hudson Lofts had 3 birds land with the winner 4th place Nudgee Beach 7th place Hublot 2 and 11th place Aardenbelle lofts free entrée.

18/8/18 - 12th fed 1st club Gladstone 485 km QRPF against 2017 birds for S Zander/Shin AUSN 17-5855 ch hen and 18th fed for S Zander/Qua AUSN 17-5956 bb hen 

18/8/18 - 24th fed Gladstone 456 km QRPF for Ken Jorgensen Cannon Hill club AUST 16-2519 bch hen against 2017 birds.

12/8/18 - GC 50,000 race 2 Woolgoolga 252 km we had 1 bird land with the winner that won $7500 with our best loft spares 6th place Foxtrot 2 and 33rd place Super Girl 2 just behind the lead group.

11/8/18 - 14th fed Rosedale 379 km QRPF against 2215 birds for Steve Zander/Qua AUSN 17-5952 bbc and 20th fed for Zander/Shin AUSN 17-5869 ch pied cock.

4/8/18 - 5th fed 1st club Rosedale 379km QRPF against 2300 birds for Steve Zander AUSN 17-5714 bb hen velocity 1402.

4/8/18 - 18th fed Rosedale 350km QRPF against 2300 birds for Ken Jorgensen AUSN 17-5738 and 5806 landed together Cannon Hill club.

29/7/18- GC 50,000 race 1 Evans Head 146 km we had 5 birds land with the winner that won $5000 with 2nd place Jessie 2 and 5th place Velar being full siblings and bred from Master Figo one of our Top breeders.

28/7/18- 6th fed Maryborough 243km QRPF against 2203 birds for Dave Horn SSC 16-49 bred from 2 Hudson lofts young stock birds sold to Dave.

28/7/18- 5th fed 3rd club Maryborough 229km QRPF for Ken Jorgensen Cannon Hill Club Ausn 17-5763 and 5806 landed with Kens clock bird 2203 birds.

21/7/18- 2nd Combine/fed Urunga 379 km NRC QLD 804 birds for Chris Mathews NRC 17-1341 Bred from a Hudson Lofts cock gifted to Chris.

21/7/18- 10th fed Maryborough 243km QRPF  2416 birds for Dave Horn SSC 16-49 Bred from 2 Hudson Lofts young stock birds sold to Dave.

21/7/18- 4th fed Maryborough QRPF 229km for Ken Jorgensen Cannon Hill club Aust 16-5416 and 5424 landed together 2416 birds,both birds bred from Hudson Lofts young stock Sold to Ken 2015.

14/7/18- 7th fed Gympie QRPF for Dave Horn LCPC 16-47 Bred from 2 Hudson lofts birds sold to Dave 2276 birds.

14/7/18 - 11th fed Gympie QRPF 186km 3 birds landed together AUSN 17-5848-5956-5820 for S Zander 2276 birds Steve is the longest marker in the fed.

8/7/18-3rd Fed 1st club Gympie QRPF Queensland our 2 birds landed with 2nd fed AUSN 17-5860 and AUSN 17-5953 against 1903 birds only 24 seconds behind the winner for S Zander LCPC.

7/7/18 - 7th Combine 1st Club Red Rock 318 klm NRC Queensland Aust 16-2592 against 870 birds vel 1071mpm for S & T Smith the winner is 100 klm shorter.

30/6/18-2nd Combine 1st club Iluka 257km North Road Combine NRC 17-1341 bbc 847 birds,bred from a Hudson Lofts Cock bird gifted to Chris Mathews.

30/6/18-8th fed Marlborough 601 km QRPF AUST 16-2519 velocity 1006mpm for Ken Jorgensen 754 Birds.

23/6/18-2nd Combine 1st club Iluka 257km NRC 16-3955 North Road Combine Bred from a Hudson lofts Cock bird for Chris Mathews.

6/18-4th fed Hawks Nest 292 km MNCPF AUST 16-13933 for Todd Passfield purchased in a Race team.

16/6/18-17th fed Gladstone QRPF QLD 3 landedtogether 5793-2488-5773 all Hudson Lofts Birds raced by Ken Jorgensen.

16/6/18 -12th combine Iluka 257 km North Road Combine NRC 17-3955  843 birds bred from a Hudson lofts Cock gifted to Chris in a race team.

12/5/18- 2nd Fed Gympie Queensland Racing Pigeon Federation AUST 16-2590 ch flty hen against 1539 birds for Ken Jorgensen Cannon Hill Club.

19/5/18- 2nd Fed Maryborough QRPF AUST 16-2609 bb cock + AUST 16-2519 and AUS 17-5773 all landed together against 1392 birds for Ken Jorgensen Cannon Hill Club.

19/5/18 - 10th fed Maryborough QRPF AUS 17-5809 bb hen for Zander/Qua and 18th Fed AUS 17-5655 for Zander/Shin 1392 birds.

19/5/18- 8th Fed Maryborough QRPF LCPC 16-47 -against 1392 birds Bred from 2 Hudson Lofts Birds purchased by D&J Horn.

26/5/18- 1st Club 3rd Fed Bundaberg 307 klm 1083 velocity QRPF AUST 16-2519 and AUST 16-2586 and AUS 17-5793 all landed together against 1219 birds for Ken Jorgensen Cannon Hill Club.

2/6/18- 3rd Fed Miriamvale 394 klm velocity 1259 QRPF AUST 16-2488 bch hen against 1241 birds for Ken Jorgensen Cannon Hill club

2/6/18 - 10th Fed Miriamvale 408 klm QRPF LCPC 16-47 bch hen against 1241 birds for D&J Horn bred from 2 Hudson Lofts Birds.

9/6/18 - 3rd combine Ballina 193 klm North Road Combine QLD NRC 17-1347 bb pied hen 768 birds for C&B Mathews the Sire of this hen was gifted to Chris in a race team 2015.

9/6/18 - 13th combine clock bird Ballina for S&T Smith North Road Combine QLD AUST 16-13987 bb hen 768 birds.

"News Flash" 12/9/2016 NRC Club Breeders Plate race 1st Place 561 km to Wayne Buckingham winning $10,000 with the sire purchased from Hudson Lofts.Winning bird is AUST 15- 6002 bcc velocity 1222 congratulations Wayne well done. 12/9/2016 clock bird for Wayne Buckingham AUST 15 -6094 bch 1st club 1st Fed/Combine Marlborough 561km velocity 1244 this pigeon is a full sister to the Breeders plate winner listed above that won on the same day as this bird fantastic effort,NRC club has 28 members.Wayne is also the North road combine Fed points Champion for 2015 and 2016.





1ST PLACE -STABLE MOMENT, 4TH -DOMINATOR, 5TH -TRACEY, 7TH -MARSHAL, 16TH -SWIMART 1. 4th and 5th landed with the winner.


3RD PLACE -MARSHAL,  6TH -BEE STING,  11TH -BLITZ, 14TH -GUF 4,  15TH -NIGHTMARE,  16TH -TRUE BLUE. 3rd and 6th and 11th landed with the winner velocity 1107 mpm.winner won $7000 approx.







                                                                                Both Ace birds bred by Hudson Lofts

Some other top Results for 2017

AUST 16 2594 landed with 1st Combine 1st Club Tannum sands 451 km Brisbane SS Combine for Dave Horne LCPC QLD this bird purchased in a Race Team,Dave is also Combine Points Champion for 2017.

NRC 16 1266 3rd North Road Combine Breeders Plate 585 km for George/Lionel the sire was purchased from Hudson Lofts

LCPC 16 - 47 3rd Brisbane SS Combine Breeders Plate 538 km for Dave Horne in unfavourable winds the Sire and Dam purchased from Hudson Lofts.

AUST 16- 13913 1st Combine Charleville 677km North Road Combine QLD won by 20 minutes velocity 1223 mpm for S+T Smith this bird was bred for Shane to race.S+T Smith are also North Road Combine points champions for 2017.

NRC 16 - 63  5th Combine Quilpie 871km North Road Combine velocity 966 mpm for S+T Smith sire was gifted to shane and full brother also won 3rd fed/combine Mackay 780 km also gifted from me.

AUST 16 - 8404 BCH 1st Fed/Combine St Lawrence 5 bird National 628 km velocity 759 mpm bird won by 30 minutes Brisbane SS Combine QLD for Wayne Buckingham sire purchased from Hudson Lofts.

LCPC 15 - 1541 6th fed/Combine National Morven 592 km velocity 1202 for S+T Smith North Road Combine QLD this bird one of many bred from our Champion Graham Davison birds.

AUST 16 - 2413 landed with 7th FED 5 bird National 450 miles Queensland Racing Pigeon Federation for Ken Jorgensen this bird is another one of our outstanding Graham Davison birds.

Best Breed Pigeon for Sale
Best Breed Pigeon for Sale
black baby 5

For Sale

We offer individual birds for sale, as well as whole race teams and also take breeding orders. 

Current bloodlines available are:

  • Gaby Vandenabeele
  • Heremans & Ceusters
  • Dirk Van Den Bulk
  • Jansen/Van Loon
  • Vandyk
  • Staff Van Reets
  • Houbens
  • Appleby / Maclean Blacks
  • QLD Sprinters
  • Proven long distance lines
  • These families have all produced top fed and combine results Australia wide consistently.

Hudson Lofts Gold Coast

Following the success of the GC50000 2015 there has been high demand for birds bred from our lofts in the new breeding season.

Our stock loft holds parents and families of top Fed and Combinewinners and has bred winners for club and combine races in both Qld & NSW.

We are continuously looking for the best birds Australia has to offer, with contacts currently being established overseas for future import purchases to bolster the quality we already have in our lofts.

We freight birds on a monthly basis around Australia and local inspection/pick up is available by appointment.But as there are more cases of Rota still emerging in Queensland our lofts are still in Quarintine with no visitors until a Vaccine is available as Hudson Lofts is Rota virus Free.

Successful Animal Management

 For competitive fanciers winning is usually very high on the list, and your approach to pigeon racing is all about being the best at what you do. don't kid your self you want to win and win regularly.

Our lofts produce winning pigeons year after year for fanciers through a combination of superior bloodlines, stock loft nutrition,super healthy breeders from start to finish.we leave no stone un turned when it comes to producing our youngsters that are loaded with strength and vitality.we use a range of health products from DR Rob Marshall plus human grade raw peanuts for extra protein.

Our birds are clean and healthy, and bred selectively for the distance you are racing, whether it is sprint, middle or long distance birds.    


For more information about Hudson lofts phone Jason Hudson on 0412 797 640

Located Northern Gold Coast - 5 minutes from Pacific Motorway, 45 minutes from Brisbane, 25 minutes from Surfers Paradise

Travelling South from Brisbane – Exit 57 (next exit after Dreamworld)

Travelling North from Gold Coast/NSW – Exit 57 (next exit after Movie World)

Then follow Tamborine-Oxenford Rd